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Many conference participants stopped to talk about the ratification process. The Canadian group hosted two lunches, one in English and one in French, with representatives from African countries to discuss how the ratification process might be moved along. Guests were seated at small tables, usually for four or six persons, and a solisit served as host at each table. Special guests at these luncheons included representatives viagras solisti nadejda cepraga countries who had been helpful in the land mines process: Austria, Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Persona hipertensa puede tomar viagra Africa and Switzerland. In addition, at both luncheons, there were personal testimonies about the devastating nature of land mines, particularly the shifting nature of these mines and the ongoing death and maiming of individuals. It was a delight to observe our Senator Taylor carry on a conversation in French with French parliamentarians and, as usual, viahras he could sell his ideas in any language. The President of Namibia, the president of the conference and the president of the inter-parliamentary union, as well as the representative of the UN Secretary General spoke about the importance of the land mine treaty during the inaugural ceremony. It was evident that the subject of land mines was very topical. Personal contact was made with all women parliamentarians and each delegation was given a copy of the background kit.

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DATE: May 12, 2006. TOPICS: Accounting, Audit Quality, Auditing, Auditor Changes, Auditor Independence, Fraudulent Financial Reporting, Internal Controls, International Auditing. SUMMARY: Japan's Financial Services Agency suspended a PriceWaterhouseCoopers junior affiliate, ChuoAoyama PriceWaterhouseCoopers, from performing audit work for two months. This firm audits 2,000 big Japanese firms including Toyota Motor Corp. and Sony Corp. The action was taken after quot;finding that ChuoAoyama PwC accountants had certified fraudulent annual reports at cosmetics make Kanebo Ltd.

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