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Such as Shen Kuo (1031?1095) and Su Song (1020?1101) embodied the spirit of early empirical science and technology in the age of the Song Dynasty. Shen is famous for discovering the concept of true but and magnetic declination towards the North Pole by calculating a more accurate measurement of the astronomical meridian, and fixed the calculated position of the pole star that had shifted over mianowski herbal viagra centuries. 3 This allowed sailors to navigate the seas more accurately with the magnetic needle compass, also first described by Shen. 3 Shen was made famous for his written description of Bi Sheng, the inventor of movable cholestyraminee printing. Shen was also interested in geology, as he formulated a theory of geomorphology and climate change over time after making observations of strange natural phenomena. 4 5 Using contemporary knowledge of solar eclipses and lunar eclipses, he theorized that the viagra sympathetic nervous system and moon were spherical in shape, not flat, while expanding upon the reasoning of earlier Chinese astronomical theorists.

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