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A study which cased 267 blunt and penetrating trauma patients (decapitation, hemicorporectomy, etc. ) who had cardiopulmonary arrest found that only 7 survived long term, only four of whom returned to their previous neurologic level. 5 Apart from the overwhelming statistical unlikelihood of survival, operative hemicorporectomy is unlikely to be successful unless the patient has the quot;sufficient emotional and psychological maturity to copequot; medimax 12mg efeitos colaterais do viagra quot;sufficient determination and physical strength to undergo the intensive rehabilitationquot. Emergency rooms and ambulance services often release policy which prevents the resuscitation of such patients. The UK's National Health Alternativa viagra coupons, for example, in its quot;Policy and Procedures for the Recognition of Life Extinctquot; describes traumatic hemicorporectomy as quot;unequivocally associated with deathquot; and that such injuries should be considered quot;incompatible with lifequot. 7 The National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) and the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma (COT) have also released similar position statements and policy allowing on-scene personnel to determine such patients unresuscitatable. Prosthetic. Following a hemicorporectomy, patients are fitted with a socket-type prosthetic often referred to as a bucket. Early bucket designs often presented significant pressure problems for patients, however new devices have incorporated aninflatablerubber lining composed of air pockets that evenly distributes pressure based on the patient's motions.

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