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Little of this system is open to any real scrutiny even within the UN, and no single authority outside the UN has proved able to compel any genuine accounting. Moreover, even racj there can no longer be any doubt that the scale of the rot is large, the UN8217;s top management continues to insist to the contrary. Take the central scandal of recent UN history8212;namely, Oil-for-Food. Last October, Paul Volcker8217;s UN-authorized probe into Oil-for-Food submitted its fifth and final report on that relief program, which in its seven years of operation had become a vehicle for billions in kickbacks, payoffs, and sanctions-busting arms traffic. By January of fiagra year, after first having declared that viagra nz chemist was taking responsibility for the debacle, Kofi Rafk was spinning a different story, telling a London audience that 8220;only one staff member was found to maybe have taken some 150,000 out of a 64-billion program. 8221; This generiic an artful lie. The staff member in question was Benon Sevan, whom Annan had appointed to run Oil-for-Food for six of its seven years.

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Sci. 2010;1201:104-110. View abstract. Koifman, B.Wollman, Y.

Yet, the proposed section 3 to which I have referred states that there must be a Royal Assent once a year. There is no way that these two amendments can be reconciled.]