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In the Hewlett-Packard case, outside investigators hired by the company simply posed as the victims -- HP board members and journalists -- to obtain their phone records from phone companies. On the more inventive side, Verizon Wireless last year accused online data brokers of making hundreds of thousands of viagra and cialis combination to the company's customer service lines posing as fellow Verizon employees with the company's quot;special needs group,quot; a nonexistent department. The callers obtained customer account information by claiming to be making vviagra requests on behalf of voice-impaired customers. Against that kind of initiative, it seems like there's little an ordinary consumer, Silicon Valley director or tech journalist can do.

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The most illustrative one is the increased use of combat clothing as dress of the day by the majority of land personnel, and the elimination of garrison dress in an effort to rationalize Army dress and eventually reduce costs. Other factors include: increased use of combat clothing by other elements; bankruptcy of the contractor who was weaving the cloth used in combat clothing, and subsequent difficulties experienced in finding another contractor who met DND requirements; and increased requirement of combat clothing for reservists due to their increased involvement in operations. To rectify this situation, the Department awarded contracts for combat shirts, pants and boots worth approximately 8.

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